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Our Products

Showtime Sports Care is designed to promote a perfect performance. It’s the ultimate product for the athlete’s ultimate “Touch” —Read more... ... (Read More)

How it works

How does this work? What is Showtime Sports Care? Scientifically it is theorized that the impulses from the nerves inRead more... ... (Read More)

How to Order

Showtime Sports Care products are not mass produced but obtained and put together on a custom built system. In thisRead more... ... (Read More)


  • The ingredients used in the ShowTime products are similar to other anti-aging products that have shown a 93% noticeable effect after 30 days of use, according to Murad®, as an example.

    We at ShowTime try out many products and draft in only the very best for our own dream team of products.

    Brad B. -
  • As a heart medicine, the ingredients in Viagra work well, but Viagra has some significant side effects in giving the consumer a bigger and stiffer ShowTime performance.

    The ingredients in ShowTime’s The Touch are well-documented as an anti-aging cream for wrinkles in the skin, but we at ShowTime believe the product’s real benefit, when applied to the hands, will be in increasing the player’s Eye-Hand Coordination, giving the athlete the best “in the zone” shooting touch as possible. We at ShowTime want the athlete to not just dominate, but put on an in-the-zone ShowTime performance for the fans.

    Brad B. -